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Alaska Fishing Report!

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Welcome to We are located north of Kenai on the Kenai Peninsula, in the great state of Alaska, affectionately known as the "Last Frontier".

First and foremost, we need to inform you of what a Northroader is. A Northroader is actually what everyone on the Kenai Peninsula call us.  We have the unique reputation of being wild and crazy Alaskans. We are known for driving rusty old trucks with a rifle rack in the back window. Experts with duct tape and a blue tarp, we can fix anything. We live in plywood Tyvec houses and old trailers with another roof built on top. Nikiski, Nikishka, North Kenai and various other name places are where we actually reside.

The myths will live long on the peninsula, from the first homesteaders of yesteryear to the cyber world of today. Various stories are true and some are tall tales. We hope you will enjoy what we have here.  We are asking for all or any good tales you would like to share about this great place to live, one of God's untouched resources. We hope to create a place for you to enjoy the lighter side of Alaskan life and a little bit of fun along the way.

State Record Pumpkin Grown By A Northroader!








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This website is made by a northroader and in no way do we know how to track any info on any one who chooses to fall into this northroader domain!
So be sure that no one will tell on you and that you will forever remain anonymous.


This is the spot where you want to go so you can find information on Alaska and everything about Alaska and links to go fishing and what it is like to homestead and what Alaskans do and what they think about living in Alaska and being a northroader. There is more information on living on the Kenai peninsula and especially what it is like being a real northroader. There are some great recipes for salmon and clams and halibut and berry recipes for berry picking and places to go that are cool like the nikiski pool and captain cook state park. You can go agate hunting berry picking swimming and fishing and camping and snowmachining and beachcombing.